Kenton Kauffman

Discipling and Being Discipled (part 2)

- Kenton Kauffman
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Your -1’s are your disciples, your mentees. Your neutrals are your peers. Your +1’s are the more seasoned players - the disciplers. If you don’t have an inlet (+1’s in your life) you dry up. Likewise if you don’t have an outlet (-1’s) you become the dead sea. The dead sea cannot support life. The river needs to keep FLOWING through you. 

Jesus modeled discipleship when He drew 12 to Himself. Effective, generational discipleship grows the Kingdom exponentially.
For +1’s, discipleship is breaking off a piece of your life and sharing it with someone. As a -1 discipleship looks like in humility coming into the sphere of influence and covering of someone who has more favor than you and receiving that impartation of life. 
Moses was called to lead the nation of Israel from slavery into the promised land. In Exodus 24:13 Moses takes his assistant, Joshua and goes up the mountain to receive the Law, the 10 Commandments, and the instructions on the temple. Moses had Joshua up there with him! Joshua was someone he could trust, someone he could impart life to. Joshua was the only person to go up the mountain with Moses to meet with God face-to-face. Joshua was getting an inside view of what was going on - of how God spoke to Moses face-to-face.
Elijah was a prophet, was walking along, sees Elisha plowing a field with a whole bunch of oxen, takes off his mantle and tosses it on Elisha. Elisha says goodbye to his parents and then becomes Elijah’s servant (1 Kings 19:21). That word for “servant” is actually the same word that was used for Joshua as Moses’ “assistant.” It means “minister.” 
If you are a -1, seek out +1’s with something you might need help with - like a breakthrough that you are looking for. What kind of favor does this +1 walk in / possess that I am going for?
If you are a +1, believe that you have something to give - because you do. You absolutely do. You might have just received the Lord last week and had a conversion experience - but there are a lot of people that haven’t had that conversion experience. “Let me show you how this works because God is REAL!” Pray for your -1’s. Cover them in prayer and favor. See your -1’s through a prophetic lens - speaking to them about their destiny and reminding them of who they are supposed to be after the Spirit. Assume that it is the heart of the Father that our -1’s outgrow us. John 14:12 shows that Jesus modeled exactly this expectation. “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.”  It doesn’t always happen that the -1’s outgrew the +1’s. You can’t control that, but it is still the heart of the Father … that our ceiling becomes their floor.
Our body is overflowing with talents, gifts, and influence in the arts, business, education, parenting, et cetera. Kenton thinks it is really time to prepare ourselves to extend our influence through discipleship. 

Discipling and Being Discipled (part 1)

- Kenton Kauffman

In this church in the park "talk" Kenton shares about a simple discipleship ministry that he set up at a missionary high school / middle school when he was a senior in high school. Nearly 20 years later that ministry is still thriving! Discipleship is about humility. It is about being willing to learn from others. Humility is the precurosor to grace. God wants to pour His grace out upon your life in greater measure. Every believier can both disciple and be discipled. We all need mentors, peers, and those we are mentoring.

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Our walk with God is a relationship. His relational invitation is always there. We can press in and choose to come before Him and into His presence! The presence of God is the source of everything – THE foundation to build on top of! Solomon asked for wisdom from God, but David asked for God Himself. God speaks to us through dreams. When we have a dream from the Lord we should stop, write it down, ponder it, and ask “Father, what are you trying to say to me?” We have the ability to receive and interpret dreams if we pay attention to them! In Acts 3:18-21 we see that God is restoring ALL things in Christ in this time. Looking at the prophetic declarations in the Old Testament about the Final Restoration of all things in Christ helps us see what God is doing in this hour!