A Right and Wrong Way To Follow the Lord

- Brad Ettore
Audio Written Summary

You can obey the Lord two ways - rightly and wrongly - and the difference all has to do with attitude. A great example of this is the Israelites in the wilderness. On one hand they had packed their bags, followed Moses, and walked toward a promised land. On the other hand, as soon as there were obstacles in their path, they started complaining. It is possible to follow the lead of the Lord incorrectly. It is important to realize that God sets up authority and submission roles and has for blessing to flow through those roles into our lives. (See Eph 6:1, Heb. 13:17, and Rom. 13:1) It is up to us whether we will actually experience the blessings God has for us. When God initiates a change in our lives, we need to keep our eyes on the vision, keep a sweet heart, and look for our personal purpose in the plan of God.