Humility: God’s Positioning for Promotion

Part 1: God's Mechanism of Promotion

- Peter DeWitt
Audio Written Summary
Humility is most tested in the place of success. Condemnation and entitlement are 2 sides of pride. God wants us to be equipped for the positive side of the number line. Walking well in success requires a different level of humility.
Humility is dependency and dependency is undergirded by knowing the love of God. It is a revelation of righteousness in Christ that leads to a confidence in the covenant of peace. Peace with God causes us to enter His presence with confidence and in His presence is fullness of joy. 
We can choose humility. When we choose humility, we are positioned (by humility) for promotion, right relationships, and revelation.
Humility / dependency is the essence of childlikeness and the kingdom of God belongs to the child-like. 
In the greater place of victory is the greater opportunity for pride to manifest in a more damaging context - which is entitlement. Condemnation sometimes will lead you to God (sometimes). Entitlement will always lead you away from Him.
How do you walk very well upon the high places? Very low. Very low. Very low. Very low. Very low.
Some people are in the dirt and they say “I don’t have a choice between low and standing up.” But when you are on the mountain top you can stand up, but God’s saying “if you’ll choose to be very low that’s where you’ll get to go.”
We choose to be low.

Part 2: The Blessing of the Lord

- Peter DeWitt
Audio Written Summary

Note: the message starts at about 37:20 into the recording. The first section is a special announcement about a new main service location starting in September and updated logo / branding for the church!

In this message, you will hear / read:

  • Promotion Tests
  • Breaking the condemnation-entitlement cycle
  • Learn to not think beyond what is written
  • The blessing of the Lord makes rich

Part 3: Increase & Influence

- Peter DeWitt
Audio Written Summary

This message includes the following sections:

  • Melancholy no More!
  • How to not Engage in Melancholy with People who’ve Got it
  • The Blessing of the Lord
  • Opportunity Aversion
  • Promotion is Simply a Change of Platform
  • Humility EXPANDS
  • Humility is the Pathway to Spiritual Authority
  • Rejoice that your Names are Written in Heaven!
  • Influence and Increase
  • No Longer Hidden … but No Need to be Known