First Sunday at COhatch

- Peter DeWitt
Audio Written Summary
Peter and Megan share testimonies from their trip out west. Knowing God produces fruit naturally! the disciples at times saw testimonies but their hearts remained hardened and not changed by the testimony. It’s really key that whenever we see a testimony in our lives that we soften our hearts to such an extent that we allow the testimony to speak of Who God is. Every testimony emanates from the heart of God. 
Megan shared an exhortation. The Lord is moving and He wants us to prepare for that new move. When Jesus came it was one of the most huge events of all time yet only a few people observed it. The place where He came was where there was ROOM. Part of this is the Lord saying He wants us to not despise small beginnings. In Zechariah 4:10 (NLT) Zechariah says “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand.” We have to think like God thinks. First of all, when you build a building, the plumb line comes out after you’ve cleared space. You clear space and before you build you drop the plumb line. Do you know why God is excited to see the plumb line? Because He knows that the things that He begins He will finish! I think regret is a major thing where the Lord is saying “I want you to make space for Me and I want you to let go of regret.” He has SO MUCH He wants to give YOU. But He has been showing me “but I can’t give it to you if there’s no room there.” He’s going to fill the room that we make for Him!
“My presence is so with you where I am asking you to go that because you’ve not stepped in to where I’m asking you to go, you’re trying to find My presence.” God didn’t move our church to CoHatch just to give us a new space. God arranged for us to be here. There is a purpose for us to be here and His purpose isn’t just for us to have a space. The purpose here has to do with each of us individually. If we’ll make room, He will fill it. There’s the clearing, then there’s the plumb line for building. This is going to be a 2020, clarity of vision of season. God is already positioning us in this season. We’ve moved into this space and it was a divine set-up. Let’s make room for Him to move.