1000 Nuances to Yes

- Joshua Weir
Audio Blog Post

God works in the day-by-day. Miracles are wonderful, but many moves of God are not instantaneous. When we confine God's work in our lives to "instantaneous only," we will actually fail to see God moving in the daily details of our lives. When we pray, God can say "yes" in a 1000 ways. Some prayers take time to come to pass because many pieces have to come into place . . . that is why we keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking! (Luke 11:9). Our prayers move mountains - and sometimes rock-by-rock! Often we have a black & white / yes & no approach towards prayer - not realizing God's "yes" can have many facets. When we change our perspective on prayer, we will notice that our approach to prayer changes; we develop an ability to pray and not give up (Luke 18) because we see the day-to-day progress from our prayers!